MJFC Round 6 and Onwards

A big welcome to Winter today as our teams headed to Gembrook, Olinda and Mount Evelyn to do combat today, feral wind, some hail and some Sun greeted our players! To some results:

  • Under 9s parents had a big welcome to winter footy up on the exposed Gembrook ground, did not get blown down to Beaconsfield at a 7.55am start! It only gets better from here...Our players are starting to understand the concept of playing on an opponent, and are taking big strides forward each and every week.
  • Under 11s followed at Gembrook and with their rotations were focused on an even performance across the field. Jumped our opponents in the first, and secured a two goal lead at the main break, but gave that all up by the last change! Kept our opponent scoreless in the last to run out thirteen point victors. Enjoyed our contest!
  • Under 10s Gold had the earlier start at Gembrook and crashed in hard in the first half against bigger bodies. Under siege they held their opponents out, and have continued to improve over the last four weeks to give us a glimpse at their footballing future!
  • Under 10s Maroon travelled up to Olinda and started slowly...as has been the case for the last few weeks. After the first quarter we were very competitive, implementing the disciplines from training, sharing the ball with our team mates, and enjoying playing footy!
  • Under 12 Girls travelled to Mt Ev to do battle with Healesville in the cold and wet. A big focus on shepherding this week paid off as the girls worked hard from defence, and transitioned well into their forward line. Strong winners in the end, big improvements keep coming every week! And League Officials impressed by the spirit of the game we hear...!
  • Under 12 Boys were at Gembrook and faced some big opponents and got jumped early. Our players had to get their hands dirty in the conditions, worked hard in the second half to level much of the contest. Now we start to learn some structure and discipline and start to understand contested footy. Great second half!
  • Under 14 Maroon were at Mt Evelyn and were always going to be challenged by their bigger players in the contests. Managed to kick a goal in the second half, but we need to keep focus on effort rather than outcome. Only with desire will our players continue to improve this year, and we have many good players!
  • Under 14 Gold were back at Gembrook, and managed to lead at the main break against a team that were clearly bigger and stronger. Did not concern our boys, but we think the local conditions (Hail) in the third quarter was designed to put us off our game! Our two Under 14 teams are competitive - we don't need to win every week! (Nice)
  • Under 16s were one of three undefeated teams coming into this round...and Gembrook had clearly the best form. Our opponent expected to dominate after their first few weeks, but contended with a better team. Going into the first break a goal down, we got to half time down one goal two to two behinds (1.2 to 0.2). In a fierce contest between our back lines, we got to the last change up by a point after kicking a couple of goals! We got led a couple of times in the last to come to the last few minutes hanging on grimly. These two teams will play off in the Grand Final, lock it in...
We are back at home this week at short notice:
  • U 9s 8.10am @ Monbulk
  • U 11s travel to Upwey for a 10.00am start
  • U 12 Girls 10.05 @ Monbulk
  • U10 Maroon @ Monbulk v Emerald @ 9.05am
  • U10 Gold @ Monbulk @11.15
  • U12 host Wesburn @12.15
  • U14 Maroon travel to Upwey to 12pm start
  • U14 Gold host Wesburn @ 1.25pm
  • U16 can expect Wesburn 2.50pm.
Well done Hawks!
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Round 5 and Onwards

Round 5 saw a fabulous May day on the Monbulk Football Ground for seven of our teams to contest Core Ages against the Seville Junior Football Club. One of our teams travelled to Wesburn and another contested with the Bye this week. Could not have asked for a better day...to some results:

  • Under 11s started our day at 8am, which was very early for those parents, but earlier for our Healesville opponent with 40+ minutes of travel. We started very fast from the first contest with our players running hard to get into space to receive and got to the first break with a handy lead. A couple more goals in the second saw us at the main break leading 4 goals 4 to just 2 behinds and looking confident. Second half had us in a contest where our opponents outscored us, but the work had been done early and we ran out comfortable victors in a hard fought match.
  • Under 12 Girls followed against Yarra Glen as our day warmed up and both sides played with 18 on a slightly reduced ground which assisted scoring. A game against some well matched opponents as both teams had some older and younger girls who arm-wrestled for supremacy over the first three quarters. In the end we got the upper hand piling on four goals in the last as our girls learn to kick into space and allow our runners to use their pace to gather. Some great tackling and marking for players entering their fifth and sixth games of their career!
  • Under 14 Maroon team with our mixed 13s and 14s came up against Wandin's 14 team next in a early start to their day. Terrific match ensued where we led early with the first goal and got to the initial change locked into a competitive match. Gave up a couple of goals in the second, and should have scored more ourselves into the main break down 21. Cracked in really hard in the third term kicking a couple of goals and conceding a few, but keeping their structure and moving the ball. Bigger bodies started to wear us down in the last quarter as we kicked another but conceded a few late to flatter our opponents with a 46 point win to them, but a very competitive match from our players!
  • Our Under 10 Gold team hosted Seville on our ground next with no scoreboard and no records kept, but another titanic struggle ensued. Most of these players have a year or two under their belt and keep learning their structures, playing in a rotation, sharing the ball, finding space and working hard as a collective team to a goal. Played well today against a fast and skillful opponent and acquitted themselves well at that contest.
  • Under 10s Maroon meanwhile were committed to the trip down the highway to play on a the only ground with more slope than our own, but very nice views of the local ranges on a perfect day. Always going to be a challenge against mostly older opponents, but some of our players are fearless and went at each contest with a will for the ball. A great day to play footy, and our kids played as if they enjoyed it. All we can really hope for! Well..and to play at home with all the rest!
  • Returning to home our Under 12s hosted Seville who have no 11s team and a lot of bottom age players and were bound to struggle in this contest. Our match was played in the right spirit, and our players worked hard despite the lack of opposition to continue to hit the scoreboard. With 20 scoring shots to just the one at the last break, it was great to see our opponents get a major in the last, but our players did what they had to do today to progress to next week. Will find a much tougher contest at Gembrook next Sunday. Job done well today.
  • Under 14 Gold up next hosting Seville, again with many bottom age players, as we ourselves had designed this year after the 13s competition failed to get up. This was a great game between some well matched teams that saw us go into the first break up by 3, to the main break up by 15, get hauled in in the third to go into the last up by just 9 points with a battle on our hands in the last quarter. Held our opponent scoreless with some fierce attack on the footy and piled on 3 goals to run out comfortable winners. Some real credit to Passo and Greeny who set out to make to competitive teams...Success!
  • Our day finished under our bright new lights facing 14 kids from Seville who at least fronted (unlike some others) and we loaned them some top age kids to ensure at least a contest for our Under 16's. Was always going to a struggle for their kids who had scored 73 points but conceded 809 over the first four rounds. The positive for our club is we had 12 different goalkickers kick our 21 for the day, plus we had another player score Seville's only goal in the last! Look around some results at other clubs, and you can see how they spread the load...We have our real test this week at Gembrook against an undefeated opponent who dominated Olinda today. May not have had the best preparation over the last few weeks in terms of opposition, but no doubt we have the best structures as a Club in our league!
We host a meeting on Wednesday with the League and Club Presidents and Delegates to address some issues for all of the League, notably resources dedicated to Junior Football that will overcome the issues we have had with fixtures this season. We were promised a fixture for the full year this week just gone, has not happened, all we know is the Core Age groups will be at Gembrook next Sunday. When we know more, we will let you know.
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Round 3 and beyond

Before we start on a roundup of games played Sunday, no we do not (yet) have our fixtures for next weekend or beyond for this season. Not ideal, but with late registrations and new teams, we can sympathise, some of that is our fault...to some results:

  • Our Under 9s started our day at a cold and wet venue at Olinda with Peter Green still heading up our coaching group. Almost all of these players are new to our club and did combat with a Yarra Glen team that had a little more structure and understanding. Starting to understand the basics of football, the very first step is trying to get hold of it! Opponents do not always assist...
  • Our Maroon Under 10 teams travelled to Belgrave to face Mt Evelyn (we don't do the fixtures, only the reports!) and again this is a very young team for us with many players remaining eligible for Under 9s. But they have a season under their belt and a concept of structure, retention of the ball and running into space starting to develop. Will be a competitive team playing against mostly older ages this season!
  • Our Under 12 Girls travelled to Mt Ev to face the top of the table team and looked up to the challenge. Playing on a full ground for first time, playing 16 per side our girls dominated early but were unable to translate that on the scoreboard. For some Mt Ev girls, this was their third season, for many of our girls their third game! Were scored against on the counter, but held them scoreless in the last to go down by just 12 points!
  • Our Under 14s Maroon and Gold team played at home and the test was always going to come for our coaching groups to see how even these two teams were. Gold team were left looking to blame the Umpires and a missing key for their team, but a really good standard of football was displayed in trying conditions. Our club will continue to support both groups of players and the two different age groups to ensure they get some competitive football this season, and benefits all of them into their future.
  • Finally our Under 16s team hosted Mt Evelyn with both teams having good numbers off the bench. Lost the toss and kicked uphill to get to the first break up twenty-one to nil. Mt Ev worked a little harder in the 2nd, but we got to the main break up by 34 points and looked to be coasting. Third term was hard work with plenty of inside 50s going unrewarded as Mt Ev marked and bombed it out again. Outscored and led by 32 at the last change. Gates opened in the last as we piled on five unanswered to run out 65 point winners with 23 scoring shots to 3 reflecting our dominance of the contest.
  • Under 10 Gold, 11s and 12s all hosted the Bye and had a restful weekend!
Reliably informed we are at home next weekend. We just do not know exactly who (any Byes), Silvan (they look forward to seeing us), and most importantly what times.
As soon as we see an update on fixtures, we will send it.
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Round 2 (3 for Girls) and Onwards

A cracking day for football for our first Home round of the Season, a couple of our teams not Home, but at Silvan and one with the Bye. Capped off our day with some wonderful food at our first Meal Night of the Season, thanks to Bec Finlay as always who does an outstanding result, and those families who provided salads and of course helped on the night! To some results:

  • Our Under 9s were first to play on the Monbulk ground at the civilised time of 9.30am (don't get used to that parents) and we are back up to sixteen players in this new team. Very early in our football careers, starting to learn the concept of finding the footy amongst traffic. And there will be plenty of traffic in the first few weeks of Under 9s!
  • Our Under 11s team were next up on our ground and had to take on a determined Woori Yallock outfit. After conceding three scoring shots to none in the first quarter, we managed a goal in the second to go into the main break down just three behinds. After some good endeavour in the third we got to the last quarter three in front but could not hold them in the last as they put on five more scoring shots to run out 12 point winners. Steps up a level when you are playing for points with a ladder!
  • Our Maroon Under 10s had the Bye, our Gold team hosted Woori and we looked to be tested from the start. We have tried to balance up our two teams and it will take some time to adjust to new team mates, but they remain competitive and will develop over the year into a very good group of footballers. Hard work on the training track will help.
  • Our Under 12 Girls team headed to Silvan to host Olinda with a couple of players out and looked like playing 12 per side on a reduced field. Some late starters for our opponents eventually developed into 14 a side and our girls looked ripe for the contest at the outset. Just three games into a long career in football for some of our players, but the amount of improvement after four weeks of training resulted in another big win today. Well done girls!
  • Under 12 Boys were back at Monbulk hosting Woori Yallock, who had completed a 32 scoring shots to nil round one win against Seville...and our side started like they knew all about it! Fortunately our effort and endeavour after the first quarter did not resemble how we presented at Olinda last week. Thirteen points down at the last break, our players could easily have thrown in the towel, instead they dug deep, found the fortitude to go back to the contest and in the end went down by just one scoring shot. Will not fear the opposition in a final.
  • Under 14s Maroon were at Silvan v Emerald Red and according to most accounts came in with an attitude they would get the job done today. Some days, that attitude just gets ahead of itself and proved to be today at Silvan. Three straight each at the first break, two to three straight left us a goal down at half time, but the kicking for goal was impressive! We had two scoring shots to their three in the third, but went to the last break down 17 and looking down the barrel. Emerald ran out 23 point winners, we were competitive, which was the plan, but could have had the four points today with application.
  • Under 14s Gold back at Monbulk against a physically bigger Woori team looked to be up against it at the outset. Belying that fact, we opened with the first two goals and it looked a case of how far us!! Went into the first break up by five, could have been more, but the bigger bodies were starting to wear us down. Gave up five goals in the second quarter, but rallied to give up just five more in the second half, and held on to go down by 57 points in a tough day for our players. Again, the aim was to be competitive, but missing one of their key players...today was always going to be a grind.
  • Under 16s were facing one of the pre-season favourites in Woori Yallock, and were expecting a tough, physical contest. They got it. Our opponent had feasted on Seville the prior week with 54 scoring shots to 3, and they were hungry for more today. We smashed the first two goals in the first two minutes, but they responded to take the lead at the first break. Ground out three more goals in the second quarter to take a 15 point lead into the main break. Three more goals in the third, conceding just one took the life out of the contest, and whilst not kicking any in the last, had enough of it to ensure victory. Got the job done today boys, did not look pretty, but only two rounds in the season looks promising.
We have a few teams with the Bye this week, a few at home, two playing each other, if its not a draw, the coaches did not get it right!
Enjoy training at home again under our new lights!
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Monbulk Draft structure plan notification

Monbulk Junior Football Club members,

Please consider the Monbulk Draft Structure Plan, especially the proposed redevelopment of the soccer pitch in Moores Road, page 48.

You can provide feedback via this form.

We want our members to get onto the council site and vote that the soccer pitch be kept for public open space. This will allow us to potentially develop it as a junior ground and utilise it for training purposes. The growth of women’s football in our region and our community demand we have more sports fields, not less.

The Project Reference Group for the structure plan also voted for the minimum block size for sub-division to be reduced to 500m2.

Paul Utting is happy to answer any queries that members may have on 0425 725 254 or paul@goya.com.au.

For more information visit Council’s Monbulk Community Link, phone Kris Hansen in Strategic Planning on 9294 6195 or email mail@yarraranges.vic.gov.au.


Ken Beecroft and Paul Utting.


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MJFC Round 1 (Two for our Girls) and Onwards

A beautiful day to start our new season saw our NINE teams do battle at three venues against multiple opponents.

Under 9s started our day at Olinda vs an Upwey-Tecoma team that had clearly played footy before! Most of our new team had not, had no coach and team manager and were starting from a long way back. Fortunately Peter Green stepped up to Coach, and Sandy Koelewyn organised all of our day with her cool efficiency! After our first quarter our team settled into some structure and moved the ball with some purpose. Pretty sure we have a new team manager in place, with a new coach to follow to continue to help in their development!

Under 12 Girls were at Belgrave up next against a host who had punished Healesville in round one - we knew we were in for a challenge. And so it proved to be with our hosts scampering out to a 13 point lead at the first break, and we were yet to score! Got our mojo back in the 2nd qtr and held on in the third to go into the last down four points with our work cut out. And outstanding last quarter of footy saw the lead change multiple times as both teams scored three goals - but in the end the slow start and that elusive four points proved to be the final margin.

Under 11s were at Emerald against a determined host and for the first half our teams looked evenly matched as we went into the main break with the slightest of leads. Half time oranges worked a treat, coaches might claim some credit for some inspiration, but we came out in the second half with a dominant six goals three behinds and conceding just three behinds to our host! Dominant 37 point winners and well on their way in the new season playing competitive footy! First time looking at a ladder, and no one scored as heavily as us!

Under 10s Maroon followed the girls at Belgrave against an Upwey-Tecoma team that had clearly played together before. This was a newly formed team for us, only coming into existence over the last two weeks. Whilst no scores are kept for this age group, the first quarter proved a big hurdle for our new team. The balance of the match was well contested proving that this will be a very competitive team over this year, and with more kids getting more game time, our players continue to love playing footy!

Under 10s Gold followed our Under 9s at Olinda and also struggled with their start against our hosts. Perhaps our coaches need to concentrate on some sprint work so we are faster out of the blocks! But our first competitive game, again no scores are kept, but we persisted all game, worked our way back into the match and am reliably informed (by all the kids who keep score in their heads) that there match was a draw after the final siren sounded, as we added the last few goals!

Under 14s Maroon were at Emerald against a host we were reliably informed was going to split there 14s teams as we have ours, to try and make both our sides as competitive as possible! Not sure that has been achieved for them, but for us we started well, remained competitive for three quarters and only in the last did we let our hosts kick away. Still we had four scoring shots to six in the last and went down by just twenty points. First time playing together as a team, and we see plenty of upside for both of our U14s teams this year.

Under 12 Boys were at Olinda next versus our hosts and another side for us with a slow start. Our team is the reigning premier in this age group, but Olinda out played us at most contests and a new girl in our team showed most of our boys the way we like to play. In the second half we put our heads over the ball, stuck a few bone-jarring tackles, and finally in the last we started to get some reward on the scorebaord, but the damage had been done early, and we need to learn our lessons from that.

Under 14 Gold followed at Olinda with a good blend of 13s and 14s players, but big differences in our physical stature. We seem to have some very small 13s and some very big 14s players! Our small players played with big hearts, our big players dug deep and we battled out a hard fought four quarters of contested footy. For our new Under 13s parents, am sure some of this was pretty scary, in the end we went down by thirty-three points, but kept our heads up and contested to the very end!

Good feeling of big brother, little brother with ourselves and our hosts, and no doubt little brother was feeling pretty upbeat about some of the earlier results on the day. Our Under 16s set out to do combat on the final fixture of the day and after some wayward kicking managed to get to the first break up just four points. By the main break we were in front by twenty-three, but had had eighteen scoring shots to just five, our dominance not quite reflected on the scoreboard. The second half we got full value for that work rate, giving them just two behinds for the second half, and piling on another eight goals and change to run out seventy-seven point winners. Very dominant performance with some great talent for the future of not just the Junior Footy Club! Big test next week.

So to next week and the majority of our teams are at home. Make sure you're on Facebook (I'm not, I do email instead..) or the Yarra Ranges web page for fixture updates. We mostly face Woori Yallock at home from 9.30 for Under 9s (don't get used to that time!), we have our 12 Girls team, and 14 Maroons Boys team at Silvan. We do not have the canteen there, make sure you take food - or buy some at the Canteen at Monbulk from Cindy to take And if you need apparel Sandy (above - 0448 552 900) is available to help you needs with socks and shorts.

Finally we have a Meal night next Sunday night at the Log Cabin from 6pm, we will hold back our Match day awards and enjoy a drink and a Meal and listen to our Coaches talk about their teams!

Look forward to seeing you there.


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Season 2017 is here!

Welcome all to a new season in the Yarra Ranges Junior Football League.

Our second season with the new league and more changes to processes have made for a somewhat chaotic start. First of all here is where we all are this weekend:
Under 9s at Olinda vs Upwey-Tecoma at 9.20am
Under 10 Maroon (Coach Matt) at Belgrave vs Upwey at 11.15am
Under 10 Gold (Coach Grant) at Olinda vs Olinda at 11.15am
Under 11 at Emerald v Emerald at 10.40am
Under 12 (Boys) at Olinda vs Olinda at 12.15pm
Under 12 (Girls) at Belgrave vs Belgrave at 10.05am
Under 14 Maroon at Emerald vs Emerald at 11.40am
Under 14 Gold at Olinda vs Olinda 1.25pm
Under 16 at Olinda vs Olinda at 2.50pm

Generally your coaches would want you there an hour (or more in some cases) before the game.

The observant among you would have noticed we now have two Under 14s and Under 10s. Our League cancelled the Under 13 competition this year, only Emerald and Monbulk ultimately entered teams, and there was no desire for the A & B debacle from last season. We have entered two teams in the 14 competition, and have tried to balance the two teams as much as possible. Every other Club will have under 13s players in their Under 14s teams. We expect both will be competitive. Interestingly Emerald have taken the same approach, new people in charge there!

Our two Under 10s teams only happened over the last week. We have 56 kids training in 9s and 10s, not all registered at this stage. With 28 kids in each team, this means that many kids would play only half of football each week. For those new to the MJFC, this is not in our DNA. We are a club focussed on participation. It is a happy circumstance that over the last two seasons we have been the most successful club on field (including last years U14B team - clearly the best in the competition) we have taken away half of the possible premierships from the Boys competitions!

So from our existing Under 10s and Under 9s we have created a new Under 10s team - we don't need an exemption to play kids up an age group, only to play them down. We now find ourselves in need of a new coaching group for our Under 9s in 2017. Peter Green will take training tonight, and help out with our kids on Sunday for our match. The Club will support with any coaching accreditation in the future, as well as any equipment requirements. All you need is a positive attitude, an hour during the week to run some drills and a desire to see kids love footy! Contact Chris on 0419 323 160. Team Manager required as well if you can help there.

The following week most of us are back on our Home Ground (or at Silvan or the Bye) and we have a Meal Night that night of the 30th. Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy watching your son or daughter play football !


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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to the start of 2017 Season with the Monbulk Junior Football Club.

We hope you have enjoyed a break, some Christmas time with family, some holidays with friends and enjoying a New Year already a month old!

We have Rego day first up this Sunday 5th February from 1pm. We agree it is very early, and would prefer later in Feb...perhaps even early March, but we have our 2nd 14s/16s camp on the weekend of 18/19 Feb and need to confirm our numbers. Fortunately we have good weather forecast for Sunday:

  • We will have snags on the BBQ cooked by our major sponsors: Bendigo Bank Monbulk
  • We will man the bar and have drinks at bar prices, soft drinks for a dollar
  • Most of our coaches have signed on again (double last years salary) and will be on hand to answer any questions
  • We will have committee on hand to help answer club questions, and looking for help for our Giant Plant Sale which will get us into our new pavilion more swiftly
  • We will have TWO Eftpos machines for apparel and Regos to ensure speedy processing
  • And we intend to be finished by 4pm to kick off our new year

If you can not make the time or the day (or even the payment at this stage), the Rego and Medical forms are available on the site here. Fill em in, drop em into to the only Bank, the account details are on the form.

We are back to a fourteen round season for 2017, due to start on 23rd April at Olinda for our Core Age groups. And we return to our complete age groups: U9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16s teams.

Once all Clubs have completed the important registration of players process, we will get an understanding of who we play, when and where...more swiftly than 2016!

Look forward to seeing all Sunday

Ken (President)

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Knox Rebel Storewide 20% Sale – Friday 2nd December

Thank you for your loyalty with Rebel Sport Knox during 2016. We would like to invite you to our exclusive VIP Christmas shopping day.

Refer knox-rebel-sale-friday-2nd-december

Please remember to mention the Monbulk Junior Football Club, and they will credit us 5% of the sale price. This credit is used to assist with purchase of footballs and other training equipment for the benefit of all at the club.

for MJFC Committee

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