Issue Resolution

“In the course of a Junior Football match, opinions may differ and awkward situations may occur. The Monbulk Junior Football Club has put in place the opportunity for parents and carers to present any grievances that they seek an answer to.

Whilst our Grievance Representatives have no qualified professional training they do have the opportunity to bring any grievance to the attention of the Committee. Needless to say that  in a volunteer community based sporting club, not all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of all. By instilling a process which brings to the attention of the elected Committee any grievances involving our Club, we hope to provide a satisfactory outcome for the good of the player/parent/etc. and the continued improvement of the Monbulk Junior Football Club.

The representative is not there to answer all issues but is a vehicle to help in any way possible ... within the confines of the club”.

Yours faithfully,

Mark C. Mannens

President, Monbulk Junior Football Club