Finals Week One / Two for our Girls

A cracking late winters day saw our Under 11s, 12s (Mixed!!!), 12 Girls, 14 Gold and 16s all take to the field hoping to advance to the final dance. To some results:

  • Under 11s travelled to Upwey to confront the hosts, and were upbeat after a win last week. Conceded a goal to our hosts in the first quarter with Umpires enforcing a rule we endorse, just let us know! We gave up another in the second quarter, but we had 4 scoring shots to two at half time and were well in the contest. Arm wrestle in the third resulted to no scores to both sides and our TWO scoring shots in the last proved not quite enough to miss playing next week. Down by one point, in the opposite side of the draw, but someone is going to have to beat Mt Ev to win it!
  • Under 12 Girls were at the Basin...don't talk to us about grounds with slopes...against Mt Ev team has lost just the once in two years. Our girls lead at the first change, opponents had more scoring shots. Kept our heads in the game downhill in the second, firmed up our lead in the half time break. Threatened in the third our girls stuck to task and lead into the last break...all looking good! Conceded a couple of goals in quick time in the last, we continued to work hard, got a goal as a result but went down by five points. No fear next week, go you good things!
  • Under 12s hosted Gembrook. slightly above us on the ladder and we expected a contest, getting to the first break up by five a good outcome. We got another in the second, but gave one up to get to the main break up by the same 5 point margin. We were challenged in the third, and were unable to respond as our opponent added four scoring shots to head to the last break up by 9 points. Ran out the game well with our contested possession and running forward to help our team mates high on our radar.
  • Under 14s Gold hosted Gembrook and we started with some purpose, kicking the first goal and looking the goods. Today was always going to be a big test as we have tried to even our playing teams with the best intentions on kids playing competitive football. Tough year for our 14s Gold and Maroons. Our Club remains determined to have a 13s and 14s team next season!
  • Under 16s had a task to do today finishing on top, undefeated and playing the fourth side - Healesville - to progress. Our boys looked well focused in the first, four straight to nada a reflection on that quarter. Added a couple in the second, gave up one, 30 points to the good at half time. Had seven scoring shots to two in the third, and seven more in the last to none to run out 61 to 8 point winner and a rest next week. Shocked by what occurred in the last two minutes, rest assured so are our opponent. President to President, Coach to Coach has been reached out tonight. A penalty will be paid. Not to be tolerated in kids sport.
We move on, our five finals sides are reduced to three, we have no more canteen/gate/bbq duties. Our 11s and 12s Girls will play next weekend, and all can use your support!

MJFC Committee member, Auskick Coach and Footy Dad.

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