Round 13 and Onwards

Email had a meltdown last week, can only hope splitting into groups works this week. Some feral weather Saturday was replaced with somewhat kinder today. Before we get to some results:

  • Meal Night next Sunday night, can we please ask our families through our Team Managers to bring some salads. We know we are away, but normally go home before a Meal Night anyway.
  • Under 16s will train Monday with Under 18s, can play next Saturday at Yarra Glen, 9am arrive. Awards will be held back to our Meal Night Sunday...bring some salads!
  • We have moved Presentation Day back from Sunday October 1st (day after AFL Grand final - unfortunately middle weekend School hols) to Sunday October 8th. Should help most of us.
Now the results:
  • Under 9s @ 8.10 @ Home managed another (actual) goal this year as our mostly 7yr old kids progress from Auskick to playing on a (larger) ground, against (larger) opponents! Our kicks have got longer, our attention span improved, and we are enjoying playing footy! Results will follow as the years roll on.
  • Under 11s hosted Healesville White a side just a couple of places below us on the ladder. We were too hard at the footy to allow an even contest today and lock in a top 4 spot in the run to the finals. Managed our kids will this year through rotation, and look for a pretty big contest vs Upwey next week.
  • Under 12 Girls headed to Belgrave and we were 3 on the ladder vs their 2. A loss to them in our second ever game was avenged with a win on the return match and we expected a contest as finals closed in. We piled on 3 goals one in the first, added a couple more straight ones in the second, held our opponent scoreless at the three quarter time break and got the job done. Job well done Girls!
  • Under 10 Gold hosted Emerald as the cloud closed but we managed advance the footy through passages of play many times today. We can kick and run and follow from our possession and assist our team mates in a better position. We look forward to a ladder and wins vs losses to determine how we fare in the League. But we know we are competitive and we love footy!
  • Under 10 Maroon meanwhile were at Belgrave (Monbulk SW) against a Yarra Glen team that were older, bigger and stronger than us. Not the first time we have had to combat this year and we put in four quarters of solid effort with our tackling, leading, kicking to targets and team work! Outstanding progress this year.
  • Under 12 Boys had a different task against an Emerald team that was 6th vs, our 7th. Both will play finals, an interesting approach by our opponent today to play so many kids behind the footy. Certainly got them one in the W column, but hard to see that this was a big advance in kids enjoying playing footy. We will continue to rotate our players, get development, and make sure ours come back next year!
  • Under 14s Merged two teams today (don't talk to me about Volleyball! - but some had awesome results!) and we had a couple of serious (bone breaks) that over came our results. Today was always going to be about playing footy, unfortunately did not work out as planned. Look for a speedy recovery and maybe some finals footy for Monbulk Gold.
  • Under 16s had an early start at Monbulk vs Emerald we had played on their deck a few weeks ago. 30 scoring shots to their 10 at that time felt pretty good! Across 12s, 14s, 16s today we have some legitimate complaints from our missing players. We smashed the first seven minutes, gave up the lead by the first break, dominant in the second, had to work in the third, got through the season undefeated in the last. Likely been a long time a Monbulk 16s side had done that. A bit more work to do.
Please make an effort to help your Team Manager with Salads for our Meal Night next Sunday. We will try to open the Bar by 5.30 and Meals start at 6.30.

MJFC Committee member, Auskick Coach and Footy Dad.

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