Round 11 and Onwards

A cold, windy day greeted our families as we face the middle of winter, we are thankful the promised rain stayed away. To some results from our battles on Sunday:

  • Under 9s started our day on the firm surface at Upwey at 8am, some sunshine in sight! We have continued to progress this season as we are predominantly an Under 9s team learning our structure, to get the ball, to find a team mate and finally in the last quarter to kick a goal! We want our kids to want to play footy, and the best way is to give them a chance...
  • Under 14s Maroon at the unGodly time of 8.50am (for Under 14s!) and our players looked like they were still asleep for much of it. Coach Adrian's antics at three quarter time did not particularly assist as it was our second scoreless quarter in a tough match for our team. Difficult season for our 13s/14s and our Committee met with League RGM Aaron Bailey Wednesday and in strongest possible terms expressed the need for separate 13s and 14s competitions next season. Might not help our kids this season, but will certainly assist the Club and the League going forward. Three more weeks do us proud.
  • Under 11s headed to Belgrave for a 9.05am start against the host and after a couple of weeks off we welcomed the challenge. Our opponents have the win against only the Bye this year, but we still had to work hard to put them away. Run out 15 point winners, but six scoring shots to one a better reflection of the result.
  • Under 12 Girls at Upwey at 10.30am playing Olinda and with most of our players in we had a full ground to do combat on. We started very determined in very tricky conditions, but not until the second quarter did we establish our dominance. Girls were trying to raise the Ton, fell a goal short, but was nice to concede one to our opponent near the end. Continue to build.
  • Under 10 Maroon headed to Mount Ev at 11.15 and struggled (again) with a mostly older opponent early. However after the first quarter, we learned we could compete, could run and carry the ball, we could build on our team mates pressure and work off the ball, and like the Under 9s, we could kick a GOAL!
  • Under 10 Gold at Upwey at 11.40 against our hosts and we did put up a titanic fight. Continue to make progress in our run and spread across the ground. We make good decisions with ball in hand, mostly! We have three more weeks at this level and next year can test ourselves against opponents for points and ladder positions. For now it is about development and improvement.
  • Under 12 Boys followed at Upwey against a competitive team around us on the ladder and up for the challenge. The wind continued to impact the contest as we got to the first break up 19 to Nil and looking the goods. Second quarter dragged us back to reality as our opponent had four shots on goal with the wind to our one, 11 point lead at the main break. Dominated the third quarter, again keeping them scoreless, but just a 32 point lead going into the last as we had 11 scoring shots to Nil...Managed to kick a goal into the wind in the last, gave up a couple, 27 point winners and secure a finals spot. Jostle for position.
  • Under 14 Gold up next at Upwey with some bigger boys dominating on the smaller ground. Managed a couple of goals in the first with the wind, not quite justice for the amount of ball we had. Another in the second against the gale left us 18 points up at the main break. We worked hard in the third to not quite get the results we wanted, but enough to feel confident that a 22 point lead was enough in the last. Twenty-eight was the final margin, but importantly did not let up in trying conditions against an opponent up for the contest!
  • Under 16s finished our day at Upwey against an opponent that had only one loss this season. Late into the first quarter it looked as if they would lead us, a final goal on the siren restoring our pride...but our opponent left no doubt they were up for a contest! We managed 7 scoring shots to 2 in the second quarter, but still lead by just 17 at the main break. Battled against the wind in the third, kicking three, but conceding two to lead by 23 at the last break. Wind died off, but our player efforts did not as we piled on six goals to one the last to run out 54 point victors. Tick off another box.
The balance of our season fixture is on Sporting Pulse, but local changes may be made. We are away this week, core ages at Mount Evelyn.
Overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to take over the role next season. On a more serious note, we have approached Garth Bateson to take over as Vice President next year, whilst remaining in a coaching capacity, with the view to take over as President in 2019. I am sure (most) of you can put up with me for another season - with the possible exception of my wife - in the knowledge we have an outstanding replacement to continue to develop the Monbulk Junior Football Club as the place to be and play sport in our Community.

MJFC Committee member, Auskick Coach and Footy Dad.

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