Join us this Friday the 13th of April at 6:30 pm at the Log Cabin to launch the beginning of Season 2018.
- Jumper presentation
- Complimentary Pizzas & Finger Food
- Drinks at bar prices
- Registration & Payment via EFTPOS available if still required
- Merchandise & Apparel available for purchase
If there is only one Club event you make it to this season, this is the one. The kids get so much joy out of there welcome to the season, and the receipt of their jumper.
See ya there. GO HAWKS!!!

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Bogan Bingo is Coming to Monbulk!

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Monbulk Junior Football Club Season 2018

As our children return to School, a good time to update existing members on the new Football season (feel free to pass on to prospective families!). Lets start with some dates:
• Our Registration/Meet the Coaches day is Sunday 18th February from 2pm till around 5pm. Snags in bread from the BBQ, Cricketers will man the Bar, Soft Drinks from a dollar.
• Our Season Launch/Jumper Presentation is slotted for Friday 13th April, the last weekend of school holidays.
• Round One is Sunday 15th April.
• Plant Sale is Saturday 7th April, we need some help with that to achieve what we want for season 2019...
For existing members you should receive an email from sporting pulse in the next few days enabling you to re-register for this year. Payment can be made to the MJFC via Bendigo Bank Monbulk and details are on our website. You do not have to come to registration day, but we would like a copy of the Medical form filled out prior to players match days. We would love to see you anyway and we can help with the online or paper process!

Our 2018 Season is a busy program. Junior Footy is Sunday footy and we will strive to keep it that way, but keep in mind this seasons challenges:

MJFC embraces the massive explosion in the popularity of female football. We aim to have Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 Girls teams this season, and three of those teams are confirmed before we launch the year! We still have the one ground to play on and train on despite having an almost three fold increase in junior football participation in five seasons. We have new lights. We are about to have a new scoreboard. We are in the process of pulling down the old change rooms and modernising for a future female football competition. We can not possibly play all of our teams at the same venue on the same day...

We have most of our coaching positions filled for our Boys teams this season. Our Girls teams present a challenge that we will certainly rise to. We loved our first season of Junior Girls Footy at Monbulk last year.

And that is the approach we will continue to take with our children. It is important for all of us they love footy in our community. And our community benefits from our junior citizens loving being a part of our footy club.

Looking forward to loving watching our kids playing footy.


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Finals Week 3, Grand Final for U12 Girls

A feral weather day with snow on our mountain early and ice on our Girls and Boys as they played crucial finals. To some results:

  • Under 12 Girls started our day at The Basin, a most unpleasant venue for our finals series, with many problems and few solutions and we look forward to our Girls playing rounds and finals with their Clubs next season. Downhill was the scoring end, we conceded a goal in the first and retrieved that in the second. Unfortunately weather Gods conspired against us in the third as our opponent had the slope, the wind, the ice and the tide assisting them and we were unable to hold out a couple of goals. Wind dropped off in the last, sun came out and our Girls worked really hard to at least get another goal, to no avail! We had a great week and a great season and came up just short in the end. Well done Girls. Such a fantastic journey in your first season.
  • Under 11s were at Seville on a very heavy track again wind and ice would impact the results. We knew we faced an undefeated opponent. We had scored just once to their six last time we faced them. But we were undeterred and focused on a result that would lead us to the promised land and a grand final! Managed to snag a couple of early scores to get to the quarter time break up by two. Jagged a major in the second, conceded two behinds, but led by six at the main break and had shocked our opponent. Another major in the third, conceded seven points and finger nails were going as we lead by five into the last break. Could not hold out our foes in the last as they added two majors and we could not score to go down by seven. Well done Under 11s, first competitive season and almost to the last dance.
  • Under 16s did advance to the last dance as the Seville track continued to deteriorate as more hail and rain and wind piled the last of winter upon us. Very difficult for our undefeated boys to exercise their skills, they played one on one accountable football and backed themselves as the better players. This was enough and the final score of six goals nine behinds forty-five points was not flattering, but the mud was thick, the ball was slippery and keeping our opponent without a single score over four quarters reflects how the THIRD best team in the League went today. We trust in our coaches development of our players over a full season, and over their Junior football career, to know we are on the right path. Sunday at Yarra Glen at 2.45 will reveal the truth. Our opponent is Gembrook, we defeated by a very slim margin very early in our season. They overcame Emerald 95 to 38 to set up another showdown for the 1st and 2nd placed sides this year. We welcome the opportunity.
Great support today for our Girls and Boys teams in very inclement weather. We look forward to seeing as many as possible at Yarra Glen next Sunday to see if our Under 16s can go all the way.
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Junior Finals Progress

Cracking day for our Junior finals for our Under 11s and 12s Girls teams. Both looking to progress:

  • 12 Girls started our day, again at The Basin, restricted parking, in the EFL, no lights, showers, power, but could not find any doggie doo-doo this week! Still no results on our partner (EFL) website, but our girls started fast in the bright sunshine and took a healthly lead into the first break. Attacked downhill in the second quarter after conceding an early goal steadied to lead by 15 or so at the main break. Again leaked a quick score or two, but held a solid lead into the last quarter. And a very nervous last quarter it was, conceding a couple to our opponent, steadying, and finally hanging onto win by 8 points and head into a Grand Final! Well done girls!
  • Under 11s headed to Wandin 20 minutes later to face a determined Healesville White with some younger opponents. One scoring shot apiece in the first, left us up five points by the break. Turned up the heat after that held our opponent scoreless into the second to head into the main break up by 19. Another goal in the third as we continue to dominate around the contests, three more scoring shots in the last to run out 33 point victors. Head from here into a Prelim final against an undefeated Woori Yallock who headed us by nine points earlier in the season. If we want to win it, we have to beat them!
  • Under 16s in rest this week, a couple of our players recovering from concussion and other injuries. Outcome from last weeks tribunal hearings are two Healesville Junior players both ended there junior careers with two and five week suspensions. They were bundled out today and so were there players.
  • We expect both our Under 11s and 16s to play at Seville this week, that will be confirmed. Our girls will play at The Basin.
  • Had an awesome night with our Under 16s Gala dinner, fare welling our departing top age players...who still have a couple of weeks to go...we hope!
  • Keep in mind we have had to move presentation day back a week to Sunday October 8th the last weekend in school holidays.
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Finals Week One / Two for our Girls

A cracking late winters day saw our Under 11s, 12s (Mixed!!!), 12 Girls, 14 Gold and 16s all take to the field hoping to advance to the final dance. To some results:

  • Under 11s travelled to Upwey to confront the hosts, and were upbeat after a win last week. Conceded a goal to our hosts in the first quarter with Umpires enforcing a rule we endorse, just let us know! We gave up another in the second quarter, but we had 4 scoring shots to two at half time and were well in the contest. Arm wrestle in the third resulted to no scores to both sides and our TWO scoring shots in the last proved not quite enough to miss playing next week. Down by one point, in the opposite side of the draw, but someone is going to have to beat Mt Ev to win it!
  • Under 12 Girls were at the Basin...don't talk to us about grounds with slopes...against Mt Ev team has lost just the once in two years. Our girls lead at the first change, opponents had more scoring shots. Kept our heads in the game downhill in the second, firmed up our lead in the half time break. Threatened in the third our girls stuck to task and lead into the last break...all looking good! Conceded a couple of goals in quick time in the last, we continued to work hard, got a goal as a result but went down by five points. No fear next week, go you good things!
  • Under 12s hosted Gembrook. slightly above us on the ladder and we expected a contest, getting to the first break up by five a good outcome. We got another in the second, but gave one up to get to the main break up by the same 5 point margin. We were challenged in the third, and were unable to respond as our opponent added four scoring shots to head to the last break up by 9 points. Ran out the game well with our contested possession and running forward to help our team mates high on our radar.
  • Under 14s Gold hosted Gembrook and we started with some purpose, kicking the first goal and looking the goods. Today was always going to be a big test as we have tried to even our playing teams with the best intentions on kids playing competitive football. Tough year for our 14s Gold and Maroons. Our Club remains determined to have a 13s and 14s team next season!
  • Under 16s had a task to do today finishing on top, undefeated and playing the fourth side - Healesville - to progress. Our boys looked well focused in the first, four straight to nada a reflection on that quarter. Added a couple in the second, gave up one, 30 points to the good at half time. Had seven scoring shots to two in the third, and seven more in the last to none to run out 61 to 8 point winner and a rest next week. Shocked by what occurred in the last two minutes, rest assured so are our opponent. President to President, Coach to Coach has been reached out tonight. A penalty will be paid. Not to be tolerated in kids sport.
We move on, our five finals sides are reduced to three, we have no more canteen/gate/bbq duties. Our 11s and 12s Girls will play next weekend, and all can use your support!
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Round 13 and Onwards

Email had a meltdown last week, can only hope splitting into groups works this week. Some feral weather Saturday was replaced with somewhat kinder today. Before we get to some results:

  • Meal Night next Sunday night, can we please ask our families through our Team Managers to bring some salads. We know we are away, but normally go home before a Meal Night anyway.
  • Under 16s will train Monday with Under 18s, can play next Saturday at Yarra Glen, 9am arrive. Awards will be held back to our Meal Night Sunday...bring some salads!
  • We have moved Presentation Day back from Sunday October 1st (day after AFL Grand final - unfortunately middle weekend School hols) to Sunday October 8th. Should help most of us.
Now the results:
  • Under 9s @ 8.10 @ Home managed another (actual) goal this year as our mostly 7yr old kids progress from Auskick to playing on a (larger) ground, against (larger) opponents! Our kicks have got longer, our attention span improved, and we are enjoying playing footy! Results will follow as the years roll on.
  • Under 11s hosted Healesville White a side just a couple of places below us on the ladder. We were too hard at the footy to allow an even contest today and lock in a top 4 spot in the run to the finals. Managed our kids will this year through rotation, and look for a pretty big contest vs Upwey next week.
  • Under 12 Girls headed to Belgrave and we were 3 on the ladder vs their 2. A loss to them in our second ever game was avenged with a win on the return match and we expected a contest as finals closed in. We piled on 3 goals one in the first, added a couple more straight ones in the second, held our opponent scoreless at the three quarter time break and got the job done. Job well done Girls!
  • Under 10 Gold hosted Emerald as the cloud closed but we managed advance the footy through passages of play many times today. We can kick and run and follow from our possession and assist our team mates in a better position. We look forward to a ladder and wins vs losses to determine how we fare in the League. But we know we are competitive and we love footy!
  • Under 10 Maroon meanwhile were at Belgrave (Monbulk SW) against a Yarra Glen team that were older, bigger and stronger than us. Not the first time we have had to combat this year and we put in four quarters of solid effort with our tackling, leading, kicking to targets and team work! Outstanding progress this year.
  • Under 12 Boys had a different task against an Emerald team that was 6th vs, our 7th. Both will play finals, an interesting approach by our opponent today to play so many kids behind the footy. Certainly got them one in the W column, but hard to see that this was a big advance in kids enjoying playing footy. We will continue to rotate our players, get development, and make sure ours come back next year!
  • Under 14s Merged two teams today (don't talk to me about Volleyball! - but some had awesome results!) and we had a couple of serious (bone breaks) that over came our results. Today was always going to be about playing footy, unfortunately did not work out as planned. Look for a speedy recovery and maybe some finals footy for Monbulk Gold.
  • Under 16s had an early start at Monbulk vs Emerald we had played on their deck a few weeks ago. 30 scoring shots to their 10 at that time felt pretty good! Across 12s, 14s, 16s today we have some legitimate complaints from our missing players. We smashed the first seven minutes, gave up the lead by the first break, dominant in the second, had to work in the third, got through the season undefeated in the last. Likely been a long time a Monbulk 16s side had done that. A bit more work to do.
Please make an effort to help your Team Manager with Salads for our Meal Night next Sunday. We will try to open the Bar by 5.30 and Meals start at 6.30.
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Round 12 and Onwards

Hard to complain about the weather last Sunday, at least early and at Mount Evelyn, where most of us were, apart from 10's Maroon who travelled to Gembrook and 14's Maroon who were at Home, Alone! To some results:

  • Under 11's kicked off our day at Mount Ev. at 8.10 am against a determined opponent. We were 4th on the ladder playing 3rd and sheep stations were on order. Got to the first break up by 2, but trailed at the main break by the same amount. Our footballers worked hard in the third to overcome the deficit and lead by 10 at the last. Another lock down in the last saw us run out 16 point winners, but 9 scoring shots to 3 a better reflection of the contest.
  • Under 9's headed to the Creek at Mt Ev, and played on a slightly reduced ground. Our numbers have been tested over the last few weeks, but our resolve has been growing. We know we are bottom age in this competition, but we also know we have improved each and every week and we look forward to next week and next year!
  • 12's Girls were next at Mt Ev against the top team who produced just 12 players and their full ground...Our girls were up for the contest, disappointed the opponent did not use some of our players so we could PLAY MORE FOOTY! We had the lead at stages, continue to improve in leaps and bounds, and look forward to meeting them again in finals. Just one less scoring shot today...
  • Under 10's Maroon travelled to Gembrook, luckily it was not yesterdays wind or would have found themselves in Officer! We again find ourselves with older opponents but continue to improve and we look forward to contests against our own age group in the future!
  • Under 10's Gold were at Mt Ev, down by the Creek and were always going to be tested by the top age side. Our tackling pressure and our chains of possession were highlights and we continue to develop this year. Not sure what next year will hold for these two teams, but the Club remains focused: more kids playing more footy!
  • Under 12's were up for a test, Mt Ev were third, we a couple of games behind in seventh. Linked up working really hard to get to the first break up by 8, had three more scoring shots. Up 11 at the main break and 10 at the last, we continued to battle at the contest, keep in our structures and run hard when we did not have the footy! Held off a determined opponent in the last to get home four point winners. ENERGY!
  • Under 14 Gold were next at Mt Ev, we outside the eight, they number two to Woori after some not nice scenes a few weeks back. After a fast start we dropped our intensity in the first quarter and were set to play catch up for the rest of the day. 22 points down at the first break was reduced to 19 points at the main and back to 14 at the last before we ran out down by sixteen, but just one less scoring shot on the day! Against a very good opponent. Look out next year.
  • Under 16's started next at Mt Ev against the 6th team on the ladder. Our opponent worked hard getting behind the ball and creating a contest and we had to work hard to find a way around that. Our handball back worked all day to spread our players away from the contest and we worked well on the turnover. Finally conceded a score in the last after we had twenty-four of them illustrates the domination on the day. Another tick for this group and we move on to our next contest.
  • Under 14's Maroon were at Monbulk of all places, starting just after the 16's at Mt Ev, against a pretty strong Olinda opponent and we had some support. After conceding a couple in the first, we worked hard in the 2nd and 3rd quarters to restrain our opponent and score ourselves. This team has travelled through a tough year, and will taste some success in 2018 as a result.
Impacted on our Home game next week with Volleyball over the older ages, moved our last Meal Night to the Last round. Under 16s have the Bye in that Round, but all have been invited to play for the Under 18s against Yarra Glen, please take the time to express your sons interest, team manager Dave Richardson first point of call.
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Round 11 and Onwards

A cold, windy day greeted our families as we face the middle of winter, we are thankful the promised rain stayed away. To some results from our battles on Sunday:

  • Under 9s started our day on the firm surface at Upwey at 8am, some sunshine in sight! We have continued to progress this season as we are predominantly an Under 9s team learning our structure, to get the ball, to find a team mate and finally in the last quarter to kick a goal! We want our kids to want to play footy, and the best way is to give them a chance...
  • Under 14s Maroon at the unGodly time of 8.50am (for Under 14s!) and our players looked like they were still asleep for much of it. Coach Adrian's antics at three quarter time did not particularly assist as it was our second scoreless quarter in a tough match for our team. Difficult season for our 13s/14s and our Committee met with League RGM Aaron Bailey Wednesday and in strongest possible terms expressed the need for separate 13s and 14s competitions next season. Might not help our kids this season, but will certainly assist the Club and the League going forward. Three more weeks do us proud.
  • Under 11s headed to Belgrave for a 9.05am start against the host and after a couple of weeks off we welcomed the challenge. Our opponents have the win against only the Bye this year, but we still had to work hard to put them away. Run out 15 point winners, but six scoring shots to one a better reflection of the result.
  • Under 12 Girls at Upwey at 10.30am playing Olinda and with most of our players in we had a full ground to do combat on. We started very determined in very tricky conditions, but not until the second quarter did we establish our dominance. Girls were trying to raise the Ton, fell a goal short, but was nice to concede one to our opponent near the end. Continue to build.
  • Under 10 Maroon headed to Mount Ev at 11.15 and struggled (again) with a mostly older opponent early. However after the first quarter, we learned we could compete, could run and carry the ball, we could build on our team mates pressure and work off the ball, and like the Under 9s, we could kick a GOAL!
  • Under 10 Gold at Upwey at 11.40 against our hosts and we did put up a titanic fight. Continue to make progress in our run and spread across the ground. We make good decisions with ball in hand, mostly! We have three more weeks at this level and next year can test ourselves against opponents for points and ladder positions. For now it is about development and improvement.
  • Under 12 Boys followed at Upwey against a competitive team around us on the ladder and up for the challenge. The wind continued to impact the contest as we got to the first break up 19 to Nil and looking the goods. Second quarter dragged us back to reality as our opponent had four shots on goal with the wind to our one, 11 point lead at the main break. Dominated the third quarter, again keeping them scoreless, but just a 32 point lead going into the last as we had 11 scoring shots to Nil...Managed to kick a goal into the wind in the last, gave up a couple, 27 point winners and secure a finals spot. Jostle for position.
  • Under 14 Gold up next at Upwey with some bigger boys dominating on the smaller ground. Managed a couple of goals in the first with the wind, not quite justice for the amount of ball we had. Another in the second against the gale left us 18 points up at the main break. We worked hard in the third to not quite get the results we wanted, but enough to feel confident that a 22 point lead was enough in the last. Twenty-eight was the final margin, but importantly did not let up in trying conditions against an opponent up for the contest!
  • Under 16s finished our day at Upwey against an opponent that had only one loss this season. Late into the first quarter it looked as if they would lead us, a final goal on the siren restoring our pride...but our opponent left no doubt they were up for a contest! We managed 7 scoring shots to 2 in the second quarter, but still lead by just 17 at the main break. Battled against the wind in the third, kicking three, but conceding two to lead by 23 at the last break. Wind died off, but our player efforts did not as we piled on six goals to one the last to run out 54 point victors. Tick off another box.
The balance of our season fixture is on Sporting Pulse, but local changes may be made. We are away this week, core ages at Mount Evelyn.
Overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to take over the role next season. On a more serious note, we have approached Garth Bateson to take over as Vice President next year, whilst remaining in a coaching capacity, with the view to take over as President in 2019. I am sure (most) of you can put up with me for another season - with the possible exception of my wife - in the knowledge we have an outstanding replacement to continue to develop the Monbulk Junior Football Club as the place to be and play sport in our Community.
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Round 10 and Onwards

Cracking day at the Monbulk Junior Football Club, the hot air balloons floated past, once the sun got over the horizon and melted our hard frost cover on our ground. And our 16's headed to Emerald to contend with another finals some results:

  • Under 9's started our day against Yarra Glen on a reduced sized ground at -2 Celsius frost covering our lines. Our team is full of new players to our Club this season and we continue to improve our core skills of kicking, hand balling and getting the footy! Tested against an older opponent today, but had some great runs forward today and took another big step!
  • Under 12 Girls followed playing Healesville as our day started to warm, just 14 a side as our opponent was short and we started the first quarter in a tight contest. Our girls improve every week, and today Healesville found out our improvement. Despite having some of our players away, we had almost thirty scoring shots to nil to run out big winners! Well done girls.
  • Under 10's Maroon in their fabulous clash jumper strip followed against a bigger, stronger, older Wandin opponent and we looked in much trouble early. But our kids can play footy and we spent sustained periods in our forward line unable to score a goal. Continue to do the right things and the results will come!
  • Under 10's Gold faced Yarra Glen today and were also tested against a strong opponent. Kept to our structures, understanding our roles, improving the basics we have kids that love playing footy. Next season we get ladders and scoreboards and wins and losses, important we keep our focus on making improving footballers.
  • Under 11's had the Bye this week, and would have enjoyed not kicking the frozen dew today!
  • Under 12's hosted Yarra Glen who were around us on the ladder and determined to provide a contest today. They held a slender lead at the first change, we manged to claw that back to lead by the slimmest margin at the main break. Conceded the lead at the last break and finally went down by 11 points but remain a competitive team this season. Continue to work hard on the track and results will follow.
  • Under 14 Gold hosted Yarra Glen next and got to the first break with a narrow lead and a ferocious contest on the ball. Got to the main break up by six points, but nine scoring shots to three was a better reflection on the contest. Piled on three straight in the third, followed by three more and a point in the last, help our opponent scoreless in the second half and 43 point winners. Contested ball won.
  • Under 14's Maroon hosted our final match of the day on our ground with Seville our opponent. Managed to hold a lead at the first break with our single score the result, got to the main break down by 14 as our opponent with bigger bodies started to work their way on top. Lost the third quarter by a goal, but halved the last to drop by 20 points, but held our heads high on the day. Getting tough for both 14's sides this season. Dig deep.
  • Under 16's travelled to Emerald (yes our home game) to do combat with another around the mark. Got to the first break up by 17, but had 10 scoring shots to 3 and looked in control. Kicked 3 goals to 1 in the second with a minor scuffle resulting in a lost player for each team. They got 2 more to our 4 in the third sending us into the last up by 42. Held them scoreless in the last, run out 64 point victors and got the job done today. Will have some more tests in the next weeks, but the top two sides have cleared out this year. And likely not contend again until Grand final day.

Enjoy the Bye and the break this weekend. Some training will go on, please take the time to inform your coaches if your son or daughter can not attend.


Be proud of the way our Club conducts itself. I am continually reminded from other Clubs how well we play on field, and control ourselves off field. We plan to continue to lead the way in Junior football in our community.



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